A Partnership of Hope

Goal of $50,000

We have raised the amount needed (and more) to begin construction! Praise God!

We are partnering with Tender Heart Foundation to build a multi-purpose school for the most disadvantaged people group of India…the Dalit people.  The Dalits live in the slums and do the work no one else wants to do.    

Tender Heart Foundation provides three years of preschool/kindergarten level English-based education for children that would never otherwise receive any formal education.  With this foundation, the children have the opportunity to enter India’s mainstream education system…an opportunity that would otherwise not be available, leaving them trapped in the cycle of poverty entrenched in India’s caste system. Approximately $150 educates a child for a year which includes one meal each day, a school uniform, and books.  This brings hope.

Dalit women and girls are particularly at risk.  Because of their severe poverty, parents often sell their daughters into the Devadasi system of temple prostitution.  Tender Heart Foundation provides education in tailoring (seamstress) and computer training, offering a chance of a future for these forgotten women.   $100 is the cost of a foot-pedaled sewing machine that changes a young woman’s life from prostitution to productivity.  This brings hope and an alternative to the slavery of prostitution.

We at Main Street Church have been saved from hopelessness by God who is our Hope.  As such, we want to share the hope of Jesus and help express that hope by putting a permanent education center in Ghataprabha, India, that will provide education for the children living in the slums, tailoring and computer education for the most at risk women, and a pastoral training center to teach about this God of hope. 

Thank you for helping bring hope to these wonderful people.

The school in Ghataprabha is in the process of being built! (At the begining of 2018)
IMG-20180 (1).jpg

Most recent update (June, 2018): the roof is being constructed!