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Jesus loves kids, and so do we.

Our entire second floor is dedicated to them. We want to see our kids flourish as God intended. Because of this, we have special classes planned during the 10:45am by dedicated teachers just for children from infants to 10 years old. Kids love coming back because the time is spent in relevant and fun activities led by a caring team of volunteers who want to make it the best hour of your child’s week.

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Visiting for the first
time is easy. 

When you arrive for the 10:45am service, head up the stairs from the lobby (right inside the front doors off Main Street) to the Main Street Kids check-in desk.  There, you will find a host that will help you print out your registration tags. Once the service is over, you will pick up your child at the desk right where you dropped them off!

We want you to be able to engage in the gathering free of worry.  Our computerized check-in system and multiple security checkpoints provide classroom security.  Each child wears a name-tag that matches the parent pick up tag. All of our volunteers and staff have gone through background checks and training.

What if I want my kids to
stay in the service with me?

We value family and being intergenerational.  Some families in our church keep their kids in the service the whole time.  Whether you want your kids in one of our classes or want them to stay with your through the service, you are welcome here.

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For kids age 0-24 months we have a special room where they can nap, crawl around, and play with age appropriate toys.  Before the 10:45am service starts, bring your child to the MSC Kids check-in desk at the top of the stairs on the second floor where one of our Children’s Ministry Supervisors will help you with the check-in process.  You will pick up your child right where you dropped them off once the service is over.

Some parents prefer to keep their little one with them during the service. We think that’s great! If your child gets hungry or needs to be changed during the service we have dedicated a room next to the auditorium for mothers to care for their little ones while still being able to see and hear the service from a TV. 

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During our second service, kids age 2-5 get time to play and an age-appropriate lesson with singing, crafts, and a snack (our host at the check-in desk will ask about allergy information).  Check-in your child at the Main Street Kids check-in desk before the service starts, and pick them up where you dropped them off after the service is over.

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1st-5th graders (kids age 6-10) participate with adults in the first half of the 10:45am worship gathering in the auditorium.  After the music portion of the service, kids are released to go upstairs to classes designed specifically for their age by our gifted teachers.

Check-in your child and get their name tag at the Main Street Kids check-in desk before the service starts, then have them join you for the first part of the service. After the music portion of the service has ended, kids will be released to go upstairs to their classes.  Parents can pick up their kids at the check-in desk after the service is over.

Main Street Kids

VBS 2021: Rocky Railway

Sunday, June 13- Thursday, June 17

This year’s Vacation Bible School is called “Rocky Railway: Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through”. We are so excited to be hosting VBS in the evenings this year from 6:15-8:15pm. Register your family or volunteer to help out by visiting our VBS Page.

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