Church Nurse

Church Nurse

Main Street Church Nurse Ministry

Parish nursing is a centuries-old concept that is seeing a resurgence in America. More commonly known today as Faith Community Nursing, it is a holistic approach to medical care with a spiritual emphasis.

Church Nurse
MSC and the church nurse ministry have joined in faith to:
  • To be proactive in the promotion of sound care of the body, mind, and spirit
  • To practice good stewardship with our earthly body by healthy and moderate living, wisely investing the “one talent” which God has bestowed upon us to honor and glorify Him so that we may energetically carry out His work on earth
  • To incorporate this mindset with the specific calling of this church to be Christ-centered, cross-generational, and community involved
  • To collaborate with the ministries already at work in the Body
  • To identify and develop a plan of care for those in need

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