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 • We gather every Sunday at 10:30am •

Gingerbread Village is Coming Soon!

The theme for 2019 is:

250 Years of Christmas in St Charles

“Fresh Baked Nostalgia”

Time to begin planning YOUR Gingerbread Village creation! We have our theme and dates as well as rules… (Click HERE for the information page.) Please “Like” our Facebook page and stay in touch!

We are composed of people who through their faith in Jesus Christ have been graciously reunited with God. We are growing together, so we can increasingly experience what it means to be forgiven of sin, made right with God, and live by His Spirit. Three emphases are highlighted at Main Street Church in our desire to make our salvation a lived community experience:

We are Christ-Centered.
Our first priority and passion is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ. Our worship is genuine to the extent that we love and obey Christ. Jesus is so much more than a way to attain human happiness. He is the hope of the whole earth. We believe we were created to love and worship him. Only in this pursuit is lasting human joy found.

We are Cross-Generational.
We believe the church is the family of God. Families are composed of parents, grandparents & sons & daughters. Interacting and loving across the generations cultivates peace, maturity, and strength in the family of God.

We are Community-Involved.
We believe Jesus is the hope of the whole world. We express our hope by living in such a way that friends & neighbors see Jesus in us. As joyful servants in the community, we endeavor to communicate to our neighbors how much Jesus loves them.

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