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Donation Station - September

The Following Items are Requested for Esperanza de Ana:


New paint brushes, rollers w/roller handles, heavy electrical cords, new power tools, drill bits, 7.5” saw blades, screw bits (Please only bring quality, name brand tools, the cheaper tools will not hold up. It would be better to bring 1 good tool rather than several cheap ones.) 

TOYS:  (new only)

In Peru, toys are cheaply made and imported toys are very expensive. Children receive a NEW toy on their birthday. New toys for ages 4 and up are needed. For older children anything your child might like, for example cool USB drives, music player, radio w/batteries, audio-phones, cool cap, purse.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT:  (no soccer balls at this time)

Volleyballs, rubber playground balls, heavy-duty jump ropes, Frisbees, badminton racquets & birdies.


Didactic games, teaching tools, and other learning resources such as, math and reading manipulatives, world maps, posters. Many materials are available in Spanish at teacher’s stores.

BOOKS:  (Spanish language only)

Children receive a new book on their birthday. We need books for our library especially for older children, ages 11 and up, reading series are desperately needed. (No witch/ghost/vampire themes).


Balloons (all colors & sizes), large round & long skinny most needed, crepe paper, children’s birthday wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, treat bags, individually wrapped candies, suckers, fruit snacks.


Any aromatherapy items like lotion and shower gel, candles, earrings, wallets, purses and tote bags, nail polish, emery boards, nail clippers.


Heavy-duty backpacks, pencils, red pencils, pens, markers, rubber cement, pencil cases, heavy-duty metal pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, construction paper, tape (clear packing, duct, wrapping and masking), sidewalk chalk, 16 oz. bottles of tempera paints (all colors)  AT THIS TIME, NO CRAYONS OR NOTEBOOK PAPER.


Tennis shoes and black leather school shoes, flip flops, slippers and/or off-brand Crocs, (sizes for children 4 yrs - 15 yrs)


Full size shampoo & conditioner, lice shampoo (preferably Lice MD), foot powder, toothpaste, bar soap, Junior strength acetaminophen and ibuprofen, children’s multi-vitamins, unscented antiperspirant, hair bands.


Hot/cold drinking glasses with different designs (like Tervis tumblers), hand towels, large pots and large heavy-duty frying pans, sharp knives, dish towels, colander/strainer, plastic tumblers.

CLOTHES:  (girls and boys ages 4-15 years)

Each child receives NEW clothing on their birthday.  We need modest, trendy shirts, tops, and jeans for girls.  Boys love jeans or sport pants and cool T-shirts. Modest pajamas are needed for boys and girls, something girls can wear in front of boys. They like the same things your kids like. Lightly-padded training-type bras or sports bras, young teen sizes only.


Ink cartridges (HP60) black and tricolor, thermal laminating pouches (all sizes), label maker tape refills (Dymo) clear and white, AAA, AA, C & D size batteries, envelopes paper-sized.


ANYTHING not specifically listed, “other” medicines (only children’s multi-vitamins), NO adult clothes, NO travel size toiletries at this time, ABSOLUTELY NO large stuffed animals - beanie baby size are good.

We are composed of people who through their faith in Jesus Christ have been graciously reunited with God. We are growing together, so we can increasingly experience what it means to be forgiven of sin, made right with God, and live by His Spirit. Three emphases are highlighted at Main Street Church in our desire to make our salvation a lived community experience:

We are Christ-Centered.

Our first priority and passion is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ. Our worship is genuine to the extent we love and obey Christ. Jesus is so much more than an end to human happiness. He is the hope of the whole earth. We believe we were created to love and worship him. Only in this pursuit is lasting human joy found.

We are Cross-Generational.

We believe the church is the family of God. Families are composed of fathers & mothers, sons & daughters, as well as brothers & sisters. Interacting and loving across the generations cultivates peace, maturity, and strength in the family of God.

We are Community-Involved.

We believe Jesus is the hope of the whole world. We express our hope by living in such a way neighbors and friends see Jesus in us. As joyful servants in the community, we endeavor to communicate to our neighbors how much Jesus loves them.

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